Pathway Intermediates International, Inc. is a company which was established in Korea in 2011 for manufacture and global sales & marketing of the products developed and designed by Pathway Intermediates, Ltd. in UK.

Its primary purpose is to provide research input and innovation to the bioscience industry with emphasis on animal health.Pathway Intermediates also provides
a range of services including:

  • Our scientists are continually involved in new product development (NPD) initiatives to make sure our customers are offered cutting edge developments in lipid-based additives and premix solutions.
    We work in partnership with our customers at all stages of NPD.

  • Custom chemical synthesis. We are equally happy to manufacture additive actives on demand using our expertise and facilities.

  • Intelectual property (IP) consultancy. We are frequently asked for expert input in the field of IP and have consulted on matters relating to infringement of additive patents.

  • Our own research program can provide our partner companies with spring-board technology which can be refined by a collaborative effort into viable products.

  • With an emphasis on natural products, especially lipid products, we have expertise in the manufacture of a wide range of compounds. These have ranged from highly substituted heterocyclics to novel oleochemical formulations.

We have particular interest and expertise in the area of biofunctional glycerides, fatty acids structured lipids and phospholipids. Understanding the biology and the chemistry of these compounds forms the foundation for all our products. Facilitating their natural activities or where necessary, modifying them for today¡¯s intensive demands, defines our business.

Pathway believes that the future of premix and additive development lies in the elucidation of critical metabolic pathways and the identification of natural products that can modulate these systems. This approach - that of looking at the metabolome as a whole - requires an understanding of biochemistry coupled with a practical approach to synthetic organic chemistry. Pathway exploits its expertise in these disciplines throughout its new product development.

The company has successfully used a number of business models to fulfil our clients¡¯ requirements. Technology transfers have been achieved using joint ventures and collaborative enterprises involving both corporate and academic institutions. Pathway Intermediates has worked with all sorts of companies from the very smallest bioscience start-ups to the largest chemical companies in the World.

Using a world-wide network of exclusive distributors we hope to bring a range of products to a diverse set of territories and market sectors. Produced at our facilities you can be assured of first class products - delivered on spec and on time.

Our R&D laboratory is equipped to carry out micro-scale synthesis and natural product analysis. The company has equipment for gas chromatography, HPLC, atomic absorption spectrometry and other standard techniques.

Pathway achieves this mission by understanding our clients strategic goals and providing best-fit solutions that follow their underlying assumptions. Our commercial principle is to give our clients affordable, easily accessible and efficient services. The corporate ethos at Pathway is to impart all our business activities with veracity, strict confidentiality and integrity.